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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety attack comes when we least expect it. Like a cat, it sits there, waiting for you to walk by. Then it will jump to your suprise. Having dealed with anxiety myself, I have used a few tricks that have successfully reduced the “flare”. These tips are by no means aimed to replace a therapy, but a simple aid to help yourself when you can’t have a therapy yet. They’re all free and easy to do. As simple as it might sound, breathing helps us regulate our emotions. It calm us down. Managing our

5 Secret Keys to True Forgiveness

We're often told that forgiveness is good, and that it’s our responsibility to forgive. We’re never told that sometimes it takes time to truly forgive. Forgiveness is a process, rather than an automatic response, hence we need to appreciate all stages which occur during the process. We have to accept the fact that we’ve been hurt. This wound inside of us is real; it’s something we need to embrace and listen to. It won’t be helpful to label this emotion as “negative” since it only encourages us

Dengue fever: an outbreak amid the pandemic

While struggling to curb the coronavirus pandemic, Indonesia must face the challenge of fighting an old enemy: dengue fever. The disease is caused by a virus carried by a species of mosquito called Aedes aegypti. Their number increases during rainy seasons when female mosquitoes can easily find standing water to lay their eggs in. Combating the disease means removing the breeding ground of the mosquitoes and killing the adult vectors. This type of mosquito uses standing water to lay its eggs in

How Indonesians have reacted to the coronavirus pandemic

Once upon a time, Indonesia prided itself on not having a single case of COVID-19 in the country amid the global pandemic. In February, after the test results for 134 suspected COVID-19 cases came back negative, the Health Minister said the absence of the virus in the country was a blessing from God. On March 2, however, the first two cases were confirmed in Jakarta. On March 4, two people in Batam—who had been in a close contact with a confirmed case from Singapore—fled the quarantine. They es

Dina Begum: A Translator's Journey

Meet Dina Begum, a translator who has spent many years translating fictions from English to Indonesian. Despite her last name, she is not in any way related to Persian royals of the past. Dina is a Sundanese woman who was born in Bogor, West Java, and now she lives with her family in Bekasi. Dina's love for fictions began early in her childhood when she immersed herself in the works of Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock. She has always loved detective stories, along with fantasy and adventure

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleeping is one critical activity your body needs to do on a regular basis. In the past, humans slept to conserve their energy for daytime food hunting. While it still holds the same critical function for humans' bodies, modern people do not value sleep as much as their ancestors did. Since the invention of the light bulb, people have become busier. Modern technology offers various kinds of entertainment that are more fun than a simple rest. Sleep seems to be a waste of time. The truth is, sle

5 Tips to Work Effectively From Home

Working from home can be fun given the freedom it gives. We can start working at 10 a.m. or even later. We can work in pajamas and slippers. But with freedom comes responsibility. Sometimes, we find ourselves mindlessly clicking through links and then realize we’ve wasted hours of not-working. So how can we use our time more wisely and work effectively? Here are five tips to follow. Write down important tasks you need to do that day. List them from the most important to the less important ones.

Alternative Times for Meditation

Morning meditation allows us to wake up and rise with the day. It’s easier to practice in the morning when the air is still fresh and our mind is not cluttered with too many thoughts. But then our schedule changes and we have to adjust. In this article, we will discuss alternative times for meditation for those who cannot do their practice in the morning. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with work and get stressed. We eat lunch at our desk with eyes glued on the screen. Some people even feel guilt

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